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About  me

My travels are inconceivable without going to meet populations and their cultures. It is enriching sometimes made of intense emotions. Taking an interest in other cultures allows you to open your mind and become more tolerant. The meeting of civilizations and other cultures allows the development of man. It is therefore in this philosophy that I travel.

Passionate about world cultures, ethnic minorities. In recent years this passion has led me several times in Central Asia and Southeast Asia.
When I am interested in a culture, I like to immerse myself, to explore what makes the identity of the people who offer me their hospitality. This implies an interest in its history and everything that makes up its daily life (traditional clothing, food, agriculture and livestock, arts, religion, beliefs, medicine and traditional pharmacopoeia ...).

"When you meet someone, don't just experience superficial moments. Feel their interiority, and if you love them, learn to travel in those dreams and desires."
Dugpa Rinpoche

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